About The Artist

In the event the work doesn’t speak for itself, or if you are as interested in credentials as creations.

I have a BFA in painting from Cornell, with the equivalent of a major in art history (mostly medieval, some Asian, with a touch of Baroque and 20th century) and a minor in literature.

Growing up near New York City, I have lots of exposure to museums, and galleries. My earliest reading was mythology, and my older brother’s book. The influences here are legion, dance, martial arts, metaphysics, interest in other cultures, psychology and physiology of perception,– yeah, that too.

If being too eclectic means I don’t have specific style or recognizable brand to market, so be it! Some days I want to embody the soul’s journey in mystic forms, some days I am enraptured by the complexities of a backhoe, or a tuft of grass breaking through concrete.

I delight in teaching adults who were previously reluctant or discouraged because of pervasive attitudes about what constitutes “talent”, “art”, and who is entitled to which creative forms of expression. Myth busting about the art market (I am a certified art appraiser, BTW), art history, and how art is entangled with economics, culture, politics and religion, is part of my mission.

Whether you are amused, appalled, or apathetic (in the last case: bless you, see you in your next incarnation) -if anything grabs you, let me know.

A little work history- skip this if you don’t really care or are easily bored.
First job out of college: Madison Avenue Gallery specializing in the New York “Ashcan” realist school.

Harper & Row Publishing (as it was known back then) – assistant to sales, college text book department – not the first or the last sources of my vast cynicism.

Assistant art professor – Sullivan County Community College – part of the SUNY system. Taught Color
and design, and Drawing.

Classes for adults – (Recreational: don’t even get me started on my attitude about the terms amateur vs
professional and “Fine” vs “Commercial”, unless you have a couple of evenings to spare): at my home, privately, and community recreational centers, and continuing education departments in New York, Florida, and Nevada. Those have been in the areas of intro to sculpture (very intro, a person’s got to
know their limitations), DRAWING (my favorite – the master skill), watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil… In these I usually stick to beginners, and intermediate levels of skill, as they need the most encouragement and technical information.

Trained and received certification as an art appraiser through the Asheford Institute of Antiques, and
can value art for sale, insurance, and donation (if you want to be legit with the IRS).

I’ve also been dishwasher in a small family restaurant, managed an art store, managed a storage facility, taken orders and was customer service for catalog sales, made a business of hand painted clothing, done face painting and fake tattoos and read tarot cards for parties (and designed a couple of decks: not published-yet), designed for actual tattoos, created illustrations on commission, designed signage for production.